It is especially important to us that our products are made by respecting the workers and that their working conditions are proper. Because of this we check all the factories where our products are made personally. Our felt products are 100 % lamb wool and no harmful chemicals have been used in the process. 

Orded a custom rug with your own colors!
Our soft felt products come in various colours, but if the one you prefer isn't available currently, you can make an custom order. Check out our whole colour assortment from the link below.
Colour catalogue 2021


Orded a custom rug with your own colors!

Ø 60 cm — 65,00 €

Ø 80 cm — 95,00 €

Ø 90 cm — 120,00 €

Ø 100 cm — 150,00 €


Ø 120 cm — 190,00 €

Ø 130 cm — 220,00 €

Ø 140 cm — 250,00 €

Ø 160 cm — 320,00 €

In case a round rug isn't your cup of tea, tell us your ideas!

Postal fees for rugs starting from 5,90 €. Estimated delivery time for custom made rugs is 3-4 weeks. Note that because of the Corona-pandemic there may be delays with the importing.

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