Do you want to do something good and see the world while doing it? Volunteering abroad gives you an adventure which a regular tourist never get to experience and you will be at the location helping the situation in Nepal in a concrete way. Namaste Dreams organizes volunteering trips to Nepal during which you get to know the culture first hand and learn more about our work.

Becoming a volunteer for Namaste Dreams doesn't require any special skills or previous experience in the field - all you need is an open mind and the desire to help. English is widely understood all over Nepal, so knowing English is seen as a plus. The trip is self financed and there's no monetary gain for the volunteers.

If you're dreaming of travelling, contact us! 

"Destination is never a place, but a new point of view."


Nonprofit organization founded in 2018 that works towards improving the quality of life of the underprivilidged in Nepal by supporting work and education.


Fill out the contact for if you have questions or if you'd like us to be in touch with you. We'll reply you as soon as possible. If you want us to contact you by phone, write down your number as well.

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